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Use the advantages of Contract Production

Make your life easier and source your production orders out. With Rabo a well-rehearsed team with long term experience in the production of bands and accessories is waiting for you. We are specialized in manufacturing products using materials like leather, leather imitation and drapery.

Contract production implies the cost efficient manufacturing from products you supply. For an example you deliver the leather hide to us for an order. We then contribute all other necessary material like adhesive, metal parts or technical material to actually manufacture the product.

Our main focus lies in prototypes, small-batch and large-batch production runs.
Your advantage is the exceptional quality of your products which we are producing as your contracted producer. You won′t need to invest in a complex machine outfit and still receive high quality products. Further more you can save on training your staff or employing qualified personal by handing the contract production over to Rabo. With contract production you are prepared for fluctuating capacity demands and gain from our fully developed production techniques. In a nutshell contract production isn′t only a question of cost-efficiency but also strategy.
For us flexibility and motivation are also part of our contract production. For that matter quality has a leading role. To manufacture products up to your specifications and requirements we can use our knowledge earned by handling materials for several decades. Through a considerable machine outfit we can cover the manufacturing of simple products as well as complex designs.
For further questions please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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